Giant Otter Tour


This is our most recognized tour since we own the 123 acres of land covered with primary forest that the tour lodge is located on.  Every tour you take here helps to directly fulfill our commitment to preservation and working with the local community. This tour is mostly carried out on motor boats, with which we can cover greater area of the local tributaries. It is especially suited for the wet season when the Amazon rivers are at its highest, which brings us closer to the canopy of the flooded forest. We will be on the look out for a great variety of aquatic wild life, such as giant otters, pink river dolphins and caimans.

Pricing: $240 per day per person



Hotel pick-up will be at 8:00 from Manaus toThe lodge, Pousada Rio Uatumã, which is 250 kilometers away. Transportation will be by car on the paved BR174 but stops and lunch will be arranged to see some of the 150 waterfalls along the route.  The final section of travel will be completed by car and aluminum boat for arrival at the lodge around 15:00 or 16:00. Relax at the lodge by swimming in the Amazon river or exploring the land with our welcoming drink, caipirinha, also known as the Brazilian national drink.

DAY 2-4

Jungle weather dictates the exact activities for each day, but your time in the Amazon will be packed with action for the next three days. Every morning delicious breakfast will be served that introduces you to authentic local Amazon ingredients. Immediately after that we will embark on our morning motorboat tour in search of wild life. We will return to the lodge for lunch and spend the hottest part of the day relaxing at the lodge or swimming in the river. In the afternoons (around 15:00), we will have our second boat tour of the day to different regions of the area. During one of the afternoon trips we will visit a local family to learn about their way of life, such as food preparation, fishing and acai harvesting. We will also provide the option of spend a night in the jungle to observe the nocturnal life of the Amazon. Sitting by the campfire enjoying an authentic barbequing while listening to the symphony of insects, amphibians and monkeys as it gets louder and louder, you will have an unforgettable auditory experience of the jungle. Since there are little light pollution, the view of the starts in the jungle can be amazing, so be sure to download star map apps on your phone. There will a sunset cruise each day. That’s the best time for family portraits, as the soft warm toned lighting and calm reflective Amazon river creates the best photo studio on earth.

Day 5

After an early morning sunrise cruise, we will go on our last boating tour to check off any jungle must-see lists. After lunch at around 13:00 we will start the journey back to Manaus. We can either drop off at your hotel (usually be 17:00), or a special arrangement can be made to drop you off at the airport directly.


  • Transportation to and from the jungle lodge
  • Accommodation in the jungle
  • Local tour guides
  • All meals in the jungle
  • Mineral water
  • All activities in the jungle
  • A welcome drink


  • Additional alcoholic beverages at the lodge
  • Gratuities
  • Hotels in Manaus
  • Transport to and from the airport (Can be arranged)


  • Please bring only the necessary, as boats have limited capacity for luggage transportation.
  • Please consider storing luggage that is not needed at hotels in Manaus.
  • Long sleeved shirts and pants, raincoat
  • Hiking boots with long socks and sandals
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Bathing suits and hats
  • Flashlight and binoculars
  • Anti-itch cream for those sensitive to mosquito bites
  • Baby powder for those with sensitive skin to heat and moisture

Adventure awaits, let's find it!

Over the decade working as tour guides, we have built an extensive network of trust with various lodge operators, boat captains, and locals in the area.