Boat tour


Our boat tours are designed for those who wants to cover a vast area of the Amazon rainforest and visit one or two of the amazing national parks. All tours start and end in Manaus. Hotel pickup on day one of each tour is at 8:00, and hotel drop off on the last day of each tour is around 18:00. Airport pickup and drop off can also be arranged. The minimum length of the tour is 5 days, but we recommend 7 days if Jau National Park is included. The longer trip will increase chance of sighting rare wildlife and to fully submerge in the Amazon way of life. Please bring only the necessary, as boats have limited capacity for luggage transportation. Please consider storing luggage that is not needed at hotels in Manaus. 

Pricing: $300 per day, per person



Hotel pickup at 8:00. Transport by car to the Ceasa Port. Transfer onto touring boat to view the Meetings of Waters: Rio Negro and Rio Solimões (also known as the Amazon River). Continue the journey to January Ecological Park via Rio Negro. Giant water lilies, both whitewater and blackwater flooded forests, fertile terra firme, rare wildlife and floating communities, all compacted in this 9,000-hectare park, there are so much to see. Spend the night on the air-conditioned touring boat. 


After breakfast, continue upstream on the Rio Negro to visit an indigenous tribe. Go on a jungle trekking tour guided by the indigenous to gain insight of their profound knowledge of the jungle.  Return to boat for lunch and continue upstream by boat to visit Anavihanas Archepelago, the second largest freshwater archipelago in the world with over 400 islands.  After lunch, start exploring the jungle at 15:00 either by foot or by small boat for wildlife sighting. Great opportunity to spot Goliath tarantula, armadillo, sloth, boa and a myriad of bird species.  Return to boat for dinner and relaxation. 


After breakfast, sail to a different island and continue the exploration of the flora and fauna of Rio Negro basin. Two daily tours, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, including swimming with pink river dolphins, piranha fishing and the breath-taking sunset or sunrise cruise on the boat. 

Optional 2 additional days to visit Jau National Park, the almost 6 million acres of forest reserve and a world heritage site. 77% of the area is covered with dese rainforest and 14% with open rainforest. Aside from a vast variety of insects, fish, birds and mammals, it is also home of the Okampas, a secluded native tribe.


After breakfast, begin sailing back toward Manaus and continue wildlife spotting along the way. Estimated arrival time in Manaus is around 18:00. 

Anavinha archipelago


  • Transportation to and from the jungle lodge
  • Accommodation in the jungle
  • Local tour guides
  • All meals in the jungle
  • Mineral water
  • All activities in the jungle
  • A welcome drink


  • Additional alcoholic beverages at the lodge
  • Gratuities
  • Hotels in Manaus
  • Transport to and from the airport (Can be arranged)


  • Please bring only the necessary, as boats have limited capacity for luggage transportation.
  • Please consider storing luggage that is not needed at hotels in Manaus.
  • Long sleeved shirts and pants, raincoat
  • Hiking boots with long socks and sandals
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Bathing suits and hats
  • Flashlight and binoculars
  • Anti-itch cream for those sensitive to mosquito bites
  • Baby powder for those with sensitive skin to heat and moisture

Adventure awaits, let's find it!

Over the decade working as tour guides, we have built an extensive network of trust with various lodge operators, boat captains, and locals in the area.